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Enrichment Programs

At the Klubhouse we see our role as early childhood educators as complementary to your role as parents.  We believe in making our school a safe place where children will learn appropriate socialization, self-confidence, self- respect, and a sense of “caring” for others while making new friends and building long lasting relationships.

Each child is a unique individual growing at his/her own rate socially, emotionally, cognitively, intellectually and physically.  We will balance the learning skills with nurturing, which is essential for a child’s “whole” development.  We believe in recognizing the needs and wants for each child, while providing a developmentally age appropriate curriculum along with an academic enrichment programs appropriate for 4 and 5 year olds.  We also make it a priority to ensure a sense of security for the child. We find this an essential aspect in enhancing a child’s learning capabilities.

Our goal as role models is to show respect to one another and allow children to have trust in each other.

Our program offers:

  • Hands-on experimental curriculum
  • Weekly Enrichment classes taught by professionals in Karate, Dance, Soccer, Computer, Piano, and Yoga
  • Music twice a month
  • Entertainment once a month
  • Extended care
  • After school program
  • Credentialed/Caring teachers
  • Pre-School Program: 2-5 years of age 


Our program for 18 month to 2-year-olds is designed to promote an enriching environment for exploration and discovery for the children as they hone their skills in walking, climbing, jumping and running.  Collectively this aids the child in expanding their sense of independence. To support our active and curious toddlers, our loving teachers guide them in a safe and healthy environment.

The curriculum includes both child and teacher-directed activities.  Students are encouraged to explore individual interests with hands-on learning activities.  Teacher-directed activities such as alphabet, puppets, music, art, and skill repetition, teach the children to listen and to follow simple directions. Weekly thematic units include: conceptual-themed books, poetry, art, games, songs, and nursery rhymes.

Students are presented with fun and creative activities to help stimulate their minds.  Language skills are developed through interaction with friends in a language-rich environment. Exploration, perception, communication, mobility, trust, relationships, and independence are developmental goals of our curriculum.  Additionally, we aim to provide an environment where the child can begin building a solid foundation in self-esteem which will serve them in all their endeavors.


Our two year old program is designed to promote an atmosphere of development for our two’s.  The program is full of creativity, and is designed to offer an outlet for all that energy packed into the life of a two year old.  Group time, art, story time and a playground equipped with all the things a two year old loves, help give them the stimulation they need to develop and grow into a healthy and happy preschooler.

The teachers of our two year olds are warm and nurturing enabling each child to successfully transition into a daily routine that stimulates their independence while still giving them the nurturing attention they need.

Separation from home and parents are a key factor during your child’s first few weeks of school.  Our staff is well trained in this area and makes transition as easy for our new children with lots of one-on-one time and lots of TLC.  Language development is part of everything that goes on in their daily routine as things and events are explained and explored.  “Potty training” is incorporated into their daily routine with a relaxed attitude enabling each child the opportunity to progress at his/her own rate of development.



Our three-year-old program is designed to promote a period of development where the children gain confidence in their social and cognitive skills.  With a slightly more structured routine than in previous years, they increase their knowledge of shapes, colors, letters and numbers through art, songs, body movement, group time and learning centers.  Language development is expanded with activities such as “Share Day” in which they tell the class about their special item brought from home.

Independence is fine tuned as they become more autonomous and self-reliant.  This is done through life skills such as clean-up time after playing or taking care of their own things.

Social skills play a big part in our three-year-old program. Children learn the importance of affection as our caring and warm staff is always there to give them an extra big hug at the beginning and end of each school day.  Development of problem solving skills is incorporated into their daily routine. They are guided in settling any differences, being a share friend and making decisions as to which activity to visit next.

All our three’s are building the social, physical and cognitive foundation so necessary for the more academic years to follow.



Through our four- year-old program, children begin to fine tune the skills they will need when starting their elementary years.  Daily use of computers, group time and learning centers focus on critical thinking skills, and academic work sheets.  The reading readiness skills are enhanced through group activities such as phonic based teaching, organized games and flannel board activities.

Sorting, matching, classifying and patterning through the use of manipulatives, gives our “Pre-K” children the foundation they need to understand basic math concepts.  We also like to encourage their creative side through imagination and art, which helps them improve their fine motor skills.  Social skills are enhanced by cooperatively working in small groups during center time. Additionally, long lasting friendships are formed for a life time.

Through our Pre-K program the children are learning about their own individual uniqueness as they build the foundation needed to guarantee their success in the elementary years to follow.