Our Administrative and Teaching Staff


In December of 1998 the City of Calabasas purchased the 11.8 acres where the Calabasas Klubhouse now resides, with the hope of opening a state-of-the-art preschool for our community.  I was fortunate enough to participate in the acquisition and subsequent launching of the preschool (May 3, 1999), and I have enjoyed being a part of its ongoing success and evolvement. Iím pleased that the Klubhouse is recognized as one the leading preschools in the area. By all accounts, when children leave our program and go on to the next level of education they are well prepared and adapt well both academically and socially.

The teaching staff is thoroughly screened, well educated in child development and feel a passion about being a part of a childís early development.  Administrative Staff is equally committed and facilitate in offering a phenomenal curriculum, an array of enrichment programs and a safe/nurturing environment.

It is an honor to be an integral part of the dynamic process and gratifying to be instrumental in a young childís growth.

Jeff Rubin

Director of Community Services


Thank you for visiting our web site. I have been with the Klubhouse since its doors opened in 1999. I have been instrumental in creating a curriculum with the intention of having a positive influence on all aspects of a childís life. As you join our family, you will be welcomed into a strong partnership of school, home and community. Our students are provided with a developmental, academic and nurturing environment where social, emotional and intellectual growth is supported. Our program is designed to foster independence, responsibility, creativity and critical thinking.   We encourage each child to work to their fullest potential and to take pride in his/her accomplishments. Our qualified teachers are experienced and caring and work closely with every child, individualizing the program to encourage the childís unique learning strengths. The personal and frequent communication that exists between the staff, parents, administration, and the community further strengthens the partnerships we build for the benefit of our students.  

We look forward to welcoming each family into our school.


April Friedman